Dinkelsbühl – Cel mai frumos oras vechi din Germania in 2017

From time to time we are searching for a quiet place…

A place to charge our batteries…
A place to rest and enjoy every momment…

Sometimes these places are serenic… where you can enjoy the silence
Or places where you can listen to the city noise.

Well… my place where i always manage to relax is the home town of my Father and Lisa.

From Luxembourg, we decided to take 3 days off for Alex to recover and we headed by bus and train to Germany.
My parents were expecting us. And this vlog is all about this place.
Dinkelsbuhl. Declared this year The most beautiful old town from all Germany.

Placed somwhere on The Romantic Road … Dinkelsbuhl is like a fortress from the old story’s. If you walk on the streets… beside the fort walls and towers you find yourself sorounded by colours, history and old bavarian style.

Lots of flowers everywhere, parks or green places to walk or ride the bike, the river surrounding the fortress and the lake that accompanies one of the towers complete a trully feeric city.

It’s the first time when i visit Dinkelsbuhl in autumn. And i have to admit that the colours are absolutly amazing.

An absolute MUST SEE is the architecture and workmanship that went into building one of the most beautiful wide-aisled late Gothic churches in South Germany back in 15’th century.

And as a cherry on top of all this the lights that are placed strategicly around the fortress by night are introducing us to fairytale land.

I hope you enjoyed this special Vlog. If you have the chance don’t ezitate to visit Dinkelsbuhl, It’s one of the most beautifull old cities in Europe.
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Until next time all the best! Cristian And Alexandra.

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